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Be it a man or woman, a child or an elderly, a student or a working professional; everyone uses headphones on the go. Every day people use earphones while walking, driving, or travelling in cars, train and flights. Whether it's a student browsing on the Internet, an employee working in the office or a homemaker doing his or her chores, every one use earphones on the side.

Why use promotional headphones

Every day millions of people use earphones for watching videos, listening to music or calling friends or family. Today a headphone isn't just a device; it has become a personal accessory for many people. Nowadays, where people take observe every detail; a colourful, stylish and elegant earphone can turn heads and make people notice the printed logo. Which is why we recommend customised headphones to those companies that are looking for a promotional product that can effectively market their brand. Whether it's awarded to employees for sales targets, or distributed to visitors at trade fairs, or presented to clients as a holiday gift, every person who receives your promotional headphones will appreciate the thought and care behind gifting such a useful item.

Customized headphones for businesses

Companies that use headphones on a daily basis tend to go for durable and quality products that can clearly and accurately deliver the voice of their customers and clients. Such businesses can not afford to lose the audio for even a second. Additionally, they need headphones imprinted with the same design and colour as their keyboards, mice, mouse pads and monitors, so that their offices look professional and organised. Bulk quantities at affordable rates and short delivery time are few other requirements that they usually have.

Kabir Creations understands all the above requirements very well. Which is why we provide low-priced customised headphones that we deliver quickly. You can personalise your headphones or earphones to match your company logo or hardware. Whatever the colour, type, material or technology you need, we can provide it. No order is too big for us.

Our past clients

Over the years, Kabir Creations has served numerous clients from different industries with a variety of requirements. Our vast experience has helped customers find the right product for their specific use. Here is a list of some of our repeating customers and what they order.

  • Numerous small and medium scale companies with a limited budget
  • These companies usually look for simple headphones for office use, at affordable prices.

  • Corporate companies looking for brand promotion
  • Such enterprises usually order colourful earphones with the brand logos printed in large size.

  • Local IT companies
  • These customers order earphones with extra bass for their employees who listen to music while working.

  • Record labels, sound studios and video game companies
  • These are our international clients who order high-quality, precision headphones for their studios.

  • BPOs, KPOs and other outsourcing companies
  • Such businesses look for durable headphones with mic that delivers crystal clear audio, to be used 24x7 by their workforce.

  • Local cyber cafes
  • These order headphones for the customers who listen to music while browsing social media.

  • Gaming pubs and e-sports bars that buy PC headphones for LAN parties and E-tournaments
  • Marketing companies
  • Such businesses equip that equip their salespersons with noise-calling headphones.

  • Motorcycle groups and clubs
  • These customers usually order Bluetooth earphones that they can use while driving.

  • Academic institutes
  • Schools, tuitions and colleges order a new set of durable earphones that don't get easily broken by their students.

Kabir Creation has over 20 years of experience in creating promotional merchandise. We create customised earphones for big as well as small businesses. Whatever the requirement, we can fulfil it. Kindly send us a mail or give us a call. Our team will call you back.