Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

A refrigerator or fridge magnet is one of the best ways to promote any brand. Present on every fridge in every office, it's a small yet extremely effective item with the tendency to unconsciously promote a message thereby creating a lasting effect. With multiple magnets on a single refrigerator, any business using these innovative pieces as promotional merchandise have a better chance at increasing their customer reach than while using other products.

Immensely experienced in personalized fridge magnets

When you use our service, you get the benefit of Kabir Creations' vast experience. We have served different types of businesses that use promotional magnets. In the past, we've worked with clients ranging from restaurant chains to small schools to international corporations. We are aware of the latest trends and styles.

We create different types of fridge magnets according to your preference while keeping in mind the beauty and elegance necessary to successfully promote your brand towards as many readers as possible.

Fridge magnets are everywhere you go

Today, every modern office houses its own refrigerator for employee use. These are full of various items like reminders, stick it notes and most importantly magnets of every shape and size. This is a great opportunity to advertise your message. Our products are designed to attract attention and imprint your logo in the minds of the observer.

The personal touch

Quirky, colourful fridge magnets filled with witty one-liners or funny quotes have long been used in all kinds of workplaces. These lovely little pieces have the benefit of being viewed more than one times, by every person who accesses the refrigerator. By choosing the right colour, size & design, your fridge magnets can become an eye candy for many viewers, thereby creating a positive impact for your company.

High-quality magnets at a cheap price

At Kabir Creation, we have made orders varying in all shapes, sizes and materials. Have a look at our magnets and you'll find we are at par with the latest trends. We create round, rectangle and square magnets in metal as well as plastic. We can serve at short notice and deliver to you at the earliest.

And the best part is our prices are the lowest of all. We make sure you receive the cheapest rates at all times. We never compromise on quality. All our fridge magnets are made of the finest quality. You'll never find a magnet that doesn't stick properly or falls off the refrigerator.