Why use clocks for promotion

A customized clock is one of the best ways to promote a business brand due to the fact that clocks are used everywhere. Whether it's a home or an office, every person uses clocks or watches to keep track of time. These extremely useful machines are used in every room of a building. From small companies to corporate enterprises, every office uses clocks.

Which is why gifting a customized clock means maximum brand outreach. Each person that receives your clock will use it multiple times every day. Every time he or she glances at your clock, he or she will be reminded of your brand.

A clock can be a very thoughtful gift. Every person who receives a clock receives it with a smile. Whether it's a trade show, exhibition or a company event, people gladly receive a clock. Promotional clocks can be gifted to employees at team-building and celebration events or to clients as New Years, Christmas or Diwali gifts.

Benefits of our personalized clocks

Most of the clocks that you see in offices every day have a very basic and repetitive design. They are made with the mere purpose of telling time. Such generic designs mar the overall ambience of the room. A boring clock can make the overall appearance of the workplace and de-motivate the employees. This is where we come in!

At Kabir Creation, we make sure to avoid such boring and clique designs. We keep a fresh collection of clocks that brings back the long-lost motivational spirit in the workplace. Our charming, elegant and beautiful clocks blend with the other furnishings in the room and accentuate the overall workplace. We work hard to add the latest design trends while discarding the old designs that nobody wants or uses. Every year we upgrade our portfolio of personalised clocks to serve our clients with the best selections.

Our clock varieties

From quirky, eccentric designs to beautiful, intricate patterns, we have a wide range of personalized clocks. We provide clocks in many types, sizes, colours and patterns. We have clocks in plastic, metallic, stainless steel and MDF material. We provide bulk quantities of clocks that can be placed anywhere. From wall clocks to table clocks to desk-stand clocks, we have it all.

Our clients can either select from our available designs or modify their selection as per their needs; or they can simply choose their own size, colour, type and design. Whatever the requirement, we can fulfil it. Kindly give us a call and we will make sure we serve you as soon as possible.