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Welcome to Kabir Creation

Kabir Creations is a right place to avail the facility of printed t-shirts. Apt in quality and professional in delivery. It is a storehouse of corporate and promotional clothing. You can opt for sports gear as well as tacky institutional wear. Be tension free about the shine of colours. We give our cent per cent assurance for our products. There is a huge variety of track suits and school uniforms in our stock. Our unique speciality is in making corporate gifts on demand. Don't miss our blasting facility of convocation dresses. Readiness in giving supply on time is in our veins. A spark in our actions is making accessories such as bags, ties, mugs, lanyards and other gift items for our customers. It's a matter of a click. Come or call to enjoy our trendy products.

In-house Manufacturers of Surplus of Promotional Products

Our in-house manufacturing unit based in Delhi produces a diversified range of products to suit your unique and high notch promotional needs. The apparels we mainly deal in are t shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, lanyards, aprons, bags, mugs and gift items. All these quirky products are available in offbeat custom prints and modifications. We are aware about all the varying needs and specifications of our consumers. You can easily avail a blasting range of beautifully customised items for your progressive ventures. We, here put a catalytic spark in your strategies of enhancing your brand value to absolutely another levels.

Possess Tremendous Variety in Our Products

You will be amazed after observing our diversified stock of promotional products. Our printed t shirts are in v-neck, round neck, polo neck, half and full sleeves types. Our custom sweatshirts are woven in fleece, polar fleece and bonded fleece fabrics. We produce screen and digital printed lanyards in many appealing and attractive patterns such as multi-coloured layered, border tape, polyester tube, manually printed and exhibition lanyards. We exclusively giving out a range in card holders such as ID card, double side, acrylic, super white pasting, E2 card holders and SM branded card holders. Our jackets, caps, mugs and bags come in eccentric customising and beautifying patterns. We specially design personalised and corporate gift items and other related accessories.

Quench All the Diversifying Corporate Branding Needs

Today's corporate and business world is thriving through the use of effective and functional items they are employing in regular use. We care about all your strategies, ideologies and techniques which you put in the practical use. That's why we specifically create products, items and accessories for corporate, promotional, official and successive advertising applications. Procure our blossoming range of wisely customised t-shirts, branded sweatshirts, custom modified jackets and necessary information imprinted lanyards. You can even treasure our custom-built aprons, caps, mugs, bags and gift items in absolutely reasonable prices.

Suffice Your Needs of Dressing Your Employees the Same Way

Neatly and uniformly dressed employees of an organisation reflect a responsible and credible behaviour amongst the masses. We here, design uniforms, dress codes and attires for corporate, executive and daily use. Official dresses with the inscription of logos, symbols, address, contact information, appealing quotations and serene colour selection speaks for itself. Ride on through our website today and treasure as much possibilities as you can.